Cremation Options

Cremation is a loving and practical way to fulfill the emotional and physical requirements that come with a loved one’s passing.

If you select one of our cremation options for yourself or a loved one, the same services and merchandise that are available as those who select casket burial, are available to you. Many people do not realize that cremation is a process and not the final disposition of human remains. A determination will need to be made as to the person’s final resting place. This important place will be used to memorialize the life lived and will serve as a place for family and friends to visit and honor the memory of their loved one.

By choosing to have your cremation urn entombed or interred at Willowbrook, your family is ensured a memorial that will be well maintained and preserved.



A columbarium is similar to a mausoleum for caskets. The smaller spaces or niches are used to place the cremation urn and they have a granite front. Like a mausoleum, a columbarium is outdoors. Willowbrook currently has three different sections of niches to choose from. After the service, the niche is sealed and inscribed with the person’s name, year of birth and year of passing.

The engraving is included with the purchase of the niche. Please note that the dimensions allow for one urn per niche.

Cremation Garden


Willowbrook has a designated area with burial spaces specifically designed for the placement of cremated remains.

Smaller in size than a traditional grave, each burial space in the cremation garden allows for one interment, and allows for one flat marker per grave.

Arrangements can sometimes be made to place an urn in the family grave where other persons in caskets may have their final resting place.

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Personalized Grave


Many families choose to purchase a standard grave, when it comes to cremation.

Whether it's a traditional burial with a headstone, or a private above-ground columbarium seen here in the photo, Willowbrook offers a wide range of options.

Come see why Willowbrook is the area's most sought after cemetery for one's funeral needs.